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Friday Fill-In

March 12, 2010

If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday.

Friday Fill-In, courtesy of Janet

1. I am so looking forward to buying a dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake later today.
2. Drink coffee, dance with your hair down and love deeply now. Sleep later.
3. When you get an opportunity, take it.
4. Literature is a big part of my life.*
5. If you need anything, go out and get it (and don’t be afraid to ask for help)!
6. I wish I had enough money to take a trip.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to sitting in traffic for several hours and then drinking with my friends, tomorrow my plans include helping some friends replace the floors in their house and Sunday, I want to get home early enough to run errands!

*I could have filled-in about 100 different things for this one, but went for the first thing that popped into my head!


So, I’m Moving…

March 11, 2010

And I have stuff. I have a lot of stuff. You haven’t seen my closet yet, but you would not believe the amount of stuff one person can accumulate. I don’t even know what this stuff is, but it’s there and it’s mine and it needs a place to live.

So, I’m moving. I’ve lived in the townhouse where I currently live for almost seven months, and I am ready to be out. There are several factors contributing to my desire to leave (including wanting to be able to walk to work and cut the $60+ I spend on transportation a month out of my budget), but the biggest factor is how messy and, I’ll say it, fucking gross my roommates have become. The following events transpired in the span of two days, and pushed me over the edge…

  1. There was a tub full of water (which used to be ice) from one roomates’ birthday party sitting in the dining room… from a month ago… and it had about 1/2 inch of MOLD growing on the top  and she got mad at me when I told her to clean it up
  2. The food disposal was FULL to the very top, of nasty, rotting food… because no one understands the concept of a food disposal, apparently
  3. I only discovered #2 after I removed the foot and a half deep pile of dirty dishes (covered in actual food) from the sink
  4. Someone put a plate or something literally COVERED in flour in the dishwasher, so every time you added anything to it, you were showered in white powder
  5. And then the buzzer on the drier went off, and woke me up, at 2 o’clock in the morning

So, needless to say, I’m moving.


Really fucking soon.

I just need to find a new place (and new roommates) and find someone to take my room in my current place. If I can make that all happen in the next two and a half weeks, I’ll even get my security deposit back.

This all means that I’m back in the depths of Craigslist, desperately seeking an affordable place near my office with people who won’t make me want to gouge my eyes out or massacre them in the middle of the night.

*Know anyone in the DC area looking for a roomie? I’m pretty cool, if I do say so myself!

And that brings me to:

An Open Letter to People Posting Ads on Craigslist:

For serious… what is the matter with you people? You honestly think I’m going to reply to an ad that literally only says “room available. call bob.” I mean, really? Really?

Details, people. Details.

I’d like to know where the apartment is. And “DC” isn’t a location. That’s a city. A pretty big one. There are lots of different areas of DC, and the city is even nice enough to freaking name them for you. Why is it so hard to say “Adams Morgan” or “Cleveland Park”. Fuck, at this point, I’d even just take “Northeast DC”.

I’d also like to know who you are. If I’m going to come to your house to look at an available room, I’d like to be semi-sure you’re not an 87-year-old perv, luring me to a death trap. I’d like to know if people with ambiguous names are male or female (all the Sam’s and Corey’s out there… I’m looking at you).

I’d like to know how much the rent is. The real, actual, monthly rent. Stop being assholes and putting “$400 for Room in 2BR Apartment”, luring me into the ad, and then announcing that is the weekly rate. You suck.

I’d like to see some pictures. Pictures that actually have something to do with the room. Don’t tell me you’ve got this great, huge room in a beautiful rowhouse, and then show me one picture of your dog and one of what appears to be half of a kitchen cabinet. Are you selling me your dog? Do you refinish cabinetry? No? Stop showing me irrelevant crap.

All I want is a nice, well-written, clear description of the house and room. A few fun details about yourself. A clear, decently sized photo of the room. That’s it. Not a whole lot to ask.

Therefore, get your shit together, Craigslist posters. For real.

Sincerely, Rebecca

And PS: Don’t write in all caps. I don’t want to live with someone who’s already yelling at me.

Alice, Johnny & craploads of popcorn

March 3, 2010

Alice! You’re terribly late… naughty.

So, for the first time in… um… forever, I won something! The ladies over at Proper Topper had a contest on their blog, and the prize was two free tickets to a 3-D showing of Alice in Wonderland! And because I’m wicked freaking smart…

…and by “smart,” I mean “my brain is incredibly full of useless knowledge”…

I knew the answer. The question was “Why did Victorian era hatters go mad?” And for some reason, I know that they went mad because they used mercury to treat the lining of the hats they were making, would get mercury poisoning and would have hallucinations. I don’t know how little tidbits of information like that end up in my brain, but there ya go…

Anyway… I won! So I got to go to a pre-screening of the movie, with the lovely Princess Q, on Tuesday night. We got there ridiculously early, got the biggest popcorn and sodas ever created and ganked some posters while opening staring at this super cool guy who was DECKED out as the Mad Hatter. I mean… every single detail. It looked like he stole Johnny Depp’s costume from the movie. It was innnnnncredible.

We settled into our seats… next to some young kids, who were seriously displeased that they had to sit near strangers. We weren’t particularly happy with them either, since we had to stop cursing. But after checking our tongues and making ridiculous jokes about stealing an umbrella hat from a stranger (I was convinced Q would trip and fall and be impaled by the umbrella pointy things), the lights dimmed, we donned our too-cool-for-school 3-D shades and we fell down the rabbit hole.

It was FANtastic… I was seriously delighted. I was totally enamored the whole time. The costumes, the settings, the characters… loved it all. I won’t go into detail, for everyone who’s looking forward to seeing it. But seriously… SEE IT.

Oh, and after the movie, we bothered the super cool guy dressed as the Mad Hatter:

Can you freaking handle it?

Overall, glorious evening.

And then it took me almost two hours to get home from Silver Spring, but that’s another story…

DC Details, #1

March 1, 2010

Are the details in the fabric? Are the things that make you panic? Are your thoughts results of static cling?

Here is the first, in what I hope is a (semi)regular posting here: DC Details. I’m a photographer, and one of my favorite things to shoot is details… up close, sometimes abstracted details — of things, of people, of places. Now that I live in DC, I feel the need to take photos that are all-encompassing — so much of the city is massive: monuments, museums… it can be overwhelming.

So I’m trying to center myself again, and I’m reminding myself to focus.

Mosaic Floor, 2nd Floor, Library of Congress

Steps & Handrail, Entrance, Library of Congress

Friday Fill-In

February 19, 2010

Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.

In an attempt to at least kinda post regularly, I’m going to start doing Friday Fill-Ins (courtesy of here).

  1. Johnny Weir is an Olympian. I know that, but I don’t know for what.
  2. I am pretty fracking* sure that I am the only person who has yet to watch a single second of the 2010 Olympics.
  3. And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud went the fuck away. I don’t know what this is.
  4. Even if people are watching, dance like crazy if you get an urge.
  5. Having sweet dreams is not something I do. I have absolutely cracked out dreams. Someday, I’ll tell you about the dream I had about Ronald McDonald. Or hanging with Hobbits in Italy. Or watching Little Bo Peep getting stampeded by her sheep.
  6. What does it take to get our clients to answer an email with all the damn details we need to complete their request? I beg you to tell me the answer to that!
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to #DCHH, tomorrow my plans include going to Activation 2719 with Sydand Sunday, I want to do some laundry and clean my house!

*PS… I fucking love the word “fracking.” Not sure why, but I just loooove to say it.

Try it.

It’s fun.

I promise.

Snow is fucking magical

February 10, 2010

Everything changes when it snows…

This is why I love snow. This right here. It’s fucking magical.

Washington, DC Snow Storm from Es Video! on Vimeo.

A short by Nathan Golon and Jordan Gantz. Shot in Washington, DC on February 6, 2010.

Music: I Think Ur a Contra by Vampire Weekend –

If embedding is being annoying and not working, click here for the video: Washington, DC Snow Storm.


February 7, 2010

Flakes, flurries, swirls, crystals, whatever form it comes in. I’ll take it. We go back, snow and me. We have a beautiful history.

If you’re in the DC area, you know that this past weekend, we were hit with a crazy, crazy storm. Twitter was a flurry with hashtags for it: #snOMG, #snowpocalypse, #snowmageddon, and the one that made me laugh the hardest: #snowfuckyourself.

And I have loved every single second of it. I adore snow. I love snow. I think it’s the best. If you could marry a type of weather, I’d marry snow. No joke.

It started snowing on Friday, at around 1pm. And just kept snowing. My whole office emptied out around 3:30pm, because no one wanted to get stranded by reduced or canceled public transit routes. My bus was thankfully running (almost) normally, and I got home easily. It drops me off maybe 100 feet from the driveway of my neighborhood, and I took my sweet time walking those 100 feet. Enjoying the flurries, enjoying the cold air.

And the smell. The smell of falling snow is amazing. So clear, so crisp, so fantastic.

Once I got home, I stayed in, but basically stared out my windows the whole weekend, enjoying the accumulating snowfall. By about 10:30am Saturday, the view out our backdoor looked like this.

I spent the whole day relaxing: video chatted with my mother and sister, read, watched a bunch of episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (so freaking funny), played Nintendo, ate, and stared out the windows. It stopped snowing around 6pm, but it is going to take a looooooong time for this snow to go away.

And I’m okay with that 🙂