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Weekend Fest, or Where I’ve Been for Over a Month

July 5, 2010

Everybody’s working for the weekend!

So… it’s been a while! I’ve been a busy little bee on weekends lately, and have spent most of my weekdays working my ass off, recovering from the past weekend and prepping for the upcoming weekend. Busy, busy bee.

In case you’re desperate for probably too much detail about what I’ve been up to, this has been my insanely jam-packed, super fantastic fun life:

Memorial Day Weekend |  car washing & water fights & cookout & bocce ball & sangria & college parties & boating & swimming & homemade ravioli & bottles of wine

Absolute whirlwind. I drove to Elkton on Saturday morning, and Brent, Zach & I washed our cars, before Brent & I drove up to Philly to go to our friend Bob’s house for a barbeque. At the bbq, we drank, laughed hysterically and ate tons of super delicious food. We played horseshoes and bocce ball, and joked about the three 8-year-old boys who were riding their bikes through our games. Peyton (Bob’s super cute dog) decided to try to play bocce ball with us, but didn’t quite grasp the rules. After the barbeque, Brent & I headed back down to Newark, since it was graduation weekend on campus and we’re friends with a solid handful of people who just graduated – especially Brent, as he’s still pretty active in the Sailing Club. We went to a couple college parties, and then I fell asleep in the backseat of my car because I was exhausted. Woke up to my friend Bilqis banging on the windows and then crawling into the car with me to wake me up and bring us back to her house so we could actually sleep. Sunday morning, Brent & I walked back through campus to my car, picked up some Newark Bagel for breakfast and then headed back to the cottage, where we prepped for the huge group of people coming to celebrate. We boated and swam and somehow I ended up making homemade ravioli for about 15 or 20 people. Which I don’t recommend. Unless you’ve had a couple days notice & time to prep. I’m pretty sure I had a mental breakdown partway through. I’m really sad that there are no pictures, because they would have been truly hilarious. We were all still in our swimsuits, cooking in the hot kitchen, frantically trying to make the ravioli. We didn’t eat dinner until almost 11pm. Monday was a lot more subdued – cleaned up the remnants of the party and spent the day relaxing and boating and swimming before heading home.

UD Forum & Reunion Weekend | dorms & grottos & open mug night & dancing & no voice & huge cookout & bonfire & hundreds of bug bites & cleaning & relaxing & vacuuming with my robot friend

First weekend of June is officially my favorite weekend: my college has a huge alumni weekend, and it’s ridiculously fun. We all rented rooms in the dorms, drank a couple beers at Grotto’s (the bar at which I spent every single Tuesday of my senior year), and then partied all night at Open Mug Night on the Green on Friday. We bumped into people we hadn’t seen in years, including old professors and random friends. A lot of my closest friends now are people I met within my first week at school, and although we all try to hang out as often as possible anyway, it’s super fun to be able to hang out on campus again. After Mug Night, a handful of us went to another bar and danced into the wee hours of the morning, before crashing at the dorms. Saturday, Erica & I grabbed breakfast at Newark Bagel, before swinging by the market and then heading to the cottage. Brent, Zach, Jake & Andrew hosted a huge cookout for all of our friends, and we had an epically fantastic time. Tons of food, lots of beer, swimming, a giant slip-n-slide (complete with soap suds), ladder golf, horseshoes and just ridiculous amounts of fun. Zach made a wheelbarrow salad, something he’s been wanting to do forever, and we ended the night with an enormous bonfire. And hundreds of bug bites. Seriously. I was itching for days. Sunday, we all helped clean up the house, and then spent most of the day relaxing in the porch-room, reading and talking and doing nothing.

UD Forum & Reunion Weekend

Birthday Weekend | visitors & pbr & bourne & bagels

The weekend after my birthday, Brent, Erica, Andrew & Zach came to hang out. We spent Friday night drinking PBR and laughing hysterically in my kitchen, before watching some Bourne movies. Saturday, we wandered around downtown Bethesda for a bit, grabbing breakfast and coffee before they all headed back home to do various things. I spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and watching World Cup games.

Family Weekend | family & bgr & cupcakes & zoo & crazy ostrich bird & humidity & woodley cafe & early bedtime & monuments & humidity again & festa italiana & flip camera & world cup

My entire family (mom, dad, sister & brother-in-law) came to visit the next weekend, and we jam-packed our weekend with fun stuff. Friday night, they came up to my office, met a couple coworkers and saw where I work, before we headed to BGR for super delicious burgers and to Georgetown Cupcake for epically fantastic cupcake love. Saturday, we sweated our asses off walking around the National Zoo for about five hours. We saw just about everything there was to see: pandas, elephants, reptiles, birds, zebras… just everything. It was awesome – I hadn’t been to a zoo in close to ten years, so I was excited to see all the animals up close. After the zoo, we had a quick lunch at Woodley Cafe, before dragging ourselves back to our hotel to sleep and cool off. Sunday, we got up bright and early and made our way down to the Mall. It was Sister’s first visit to DC, so we wanted to make sure she got to see some of the monuments and the White House. After that, we walked over to the annual Festa Italiana, which was incredible: pizza, canolis, Italian soda, gelato, and an incredible medieval flag dance performance. I’ll definitely be going again next year. After the festival, we headed back to the hotel again to watch some World Cup action and relax before heading our separate ways.

Family Weekend

Wedding Shower Weekend | wrapping presents & making bows & writing recipes & road trip & wedding shower & bridesmaid gift & relaxing afternoon & family dinner & great dane & reverse road trip & cottage drive-by & goodwill & trader joes & long bath

The next weekend, I headed to CT for Kelly’s wedding shower. Kelly has been one of my closest friends since Winter 2005, when we met on our New Zealand photography study abroad trip. She’s marrying an awesome guy at the beginning of August, and the shower kicked off the wedding-related festivities for the summer. Erica & I drove up to Sarah’s house on Friday, where we wrapped our presents, made incredibly detailed bows for the gifts, and wrote out our recipes to put in her recipe box. On Saturday, we piled into Sarah’s car and headed up to Kelly’s parents’ house in CT. I was just as excited to see her family as I was to see her – we spent a lot of weekends up in CT during college, and her whole family is just amazing. We got to the house, and pretty much had time for a quick hello and to get changed before heading to her aunt’s house for the shower. The shower was a lot of fun – we ate and talked and tried Zumba and watched Kelly open gifts and quizzed her on how well she knows Aaron. And she gave us our bridesmaid gifts, which are absolutely stunning bracelets that her mother made for us. I can’t wait to wear it to the wedding! After the shower was over, we headed back to her parents house, where we just relaxed and enjoyed a nice dinner and hanging out with her family, including her brother’s ridiculously cute great dane puppy. And we were so exhausted that we all fell asleep by about 9:45pm! Sunday, we headed back South, swinging by Sarah’s house to get my car, and then swinging by the cottage to say a quick hello to the guys and to see the progress of their awesome vegetable and fruit garden in the back. Then, Erica & I got back in the car, and rolled on back to DC.

Wedding Shower Weekend

So that’s where I’ve been. Sorry for the lack of updates and then the big whomping update, but… that’s just how I roll. What’ve you been up to lately?

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