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Alice, Johnny & craploads of popcorn

March 3, 2010

Alice! You’re terribly late… naughty.

So, for the first time in… um… forever, I won something! The ladies over at Proper Topper had a contest on their blog, and the prize was two free tickets to a 3-D showing of Alice in Wonderland! And because I’m wicked freaking smart…

…and by “smart,” I mean “my brain is incredibly full of useless knowledge”…

I knew the answer. The question was “Why did Victorian era hatters go mad?” And for some reason, I know that they went mad because they used mercury to treat the lining of the hats they were making, would get mercury poisoning and would have hallucinations. I don’t know how little tidbits of information like that end up in my brain, but there ya go…

Anyway… I won! So I got to go to a pre-screening of the movie, with the lovely Princess Q, on Tuesday night. We got there ridiculously early, got the biggest popcorn and sodas ever created and ganked some posters while opening staring at this super cool guy who was DECKED out as the Mad Hatter. I mean… every single detail. It looked like he stole Johnny Depp’s costume from the movie. It was innnnnncredible.

We settled into our seats… next to some young kids, who were seriously displeased that they had to sit near strangers. We weren’t particularly happy with them either, since we had to stop cursing. But after checking our tongues and making ridiculous jokes about stealing an umbrella hat from a stranger (I was convinced Q would trip and fall and be impaled by the umbrella pointy things), the lights dimmed, we donned our too-cool-for-school 3-D shades and we fell down the rabbit hole.

It was FANtastic… I was seriously delighted. I was totally enamored the whole time. The costumes, the settings, the characters… loved it all. I won’t go into detail, for everyone who’s looking forward to seeing it. But seriously… SEE IT.

Oh, and after the movie, we bothered the super cool guy dressed as the Mad Hatter:

Can you freaking handle it?

Overall, glorious evening.

And then it took me almost two hours to get home from Silver Spring, but that’s another story…

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