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DC Details, #1

March 1, 2010

Are the details in the fabric? Are the things that make you panic? Are your thoughts results of static cling?

Here is the first, in what I hope is a (semi)regular posting here: DC Details. I’m a photographer, and one of my favorite things to shoot is details… up close, sometimes abstracted details — of things, of people, of places. Now that I live in DC, I feel the need to take photos that are all-encompassing — so much of the city is massive: monuments, museums… it can be overwhelming.

So I’m trying to center myself again, and I’m reminding myself to focus.

Mosaic Floor, 2nd Floor, Library of Congress

Steps & Handrail, Entrance, Library of Congress

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  1. March 1, 2010 12:57 pm

    I love love LOVE that photo of the steps. I’m doing a ‘zine, Drop of Ink, and the deadline is today, but I’d love it if we could use that steps photo.

    Check out the website of the ‘zine ( and let me know what you think. Drop me an e-mail at

    Seriously, consider it.

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